I provide services in data collection and analysis, formal reports and presentations, as well as event planning and coordination. For example, if your organization is experiencing communication barriers due to gender, cultural, and/or age-related differences, I can develop and facilitate seminars and workshops to address such issues, and provide recommendations for improvement after analyzing the data I gather.

I offer tiered packages that are developed to fit each client’s needs and budget. During our initial consultation, I will gain an understanding of the question(s) you want to address and the scope of your project. Based on this consultation, I will determine which methods to use and generate an action plan to meet your project goals.

Tier 1Data Collection
Tier 2Data CollectionAnalysis
Tier 3Data CollectionAnalysisFormal Report(s)
Tier 4Data CollectionAnalysisFormal Report(s)Formal Presentation

*I am available for on-site presentations, event planning and facilitation, as well as through Zoom and other online platforms.